WHP Office 410-641-5102
WHP Fax 410-641-5105
WHP Security Guard 410-641-5102 or 443-880-2278

Water Line Repair:  

Electrical Repair :  

Cable: Mediacom : 1-888-847-6228 our local office is Dagsboro, DE

Cable TV Problems:  Call the WHP Office.  The office will help get you in touch with Customer Service

Emergency Numbers :

MD State Police       410-641-3101
Worcester Sheriff     410-632-1112
Showell Fire Dept:   410-352-5916

Emergency Reporting Procedures:

If an emergency occurs and you need an ambulance, fire truck or police you MUST contact the office or security guard (Phone # 410-641-5102)
This procedure will do the following:

 Office or guards will have the gates in a locked open position for the emergency teams to go right thru when they arrive.
 If the guard is on their rounds they will be able to go straight to the gate without completing a round to the gate to an open position. Otherwise the emergency department will have to wait until the guard finishes their round.
 If need be, the guard or the office will direct the emergency team to the correct location in a very timely matter.  If this procedure does not occur, the guard may be on patrol and not at the gate to let the emergency vehicle in.  This will waste valuable time.
Also when I am in the office I cannot see the back gate and an emergency vehicle may sit there for a short time until they come to the office door. 
So please it is very important you contact the office and/or guard house for all emergencies.  The type of gate system we have in place at our entrances is not able to handle emergencies unless the gate is open by the guard or the office.
Call Before You Dig – Miss Utility Lines:  800-441-8355
Building Permits -  Isle of Wight Office: 410.352.3057

Contact Park Manager    whpcamd@yahoo.com  

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