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ECC Documents

If you need to contact the ECC Committee, please email to:

Ric Smith, Craig Small, Sue Waskey, Bonnie Stevens - Committee Volunteers

Thank you for your service !

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Your ECC is a committee made up of volunteers that work very hard to make sure that White Horse Park is Beautiful.
They make sure that homes are not moldy, run down looking and do not present a hazard to anyone.
Please support these hard working individuals.

* The Annual ECC Home Inspections start in June

The ECC checklist (below link) is for you. Please check your home for the issues listed in the ECC Declarations and Checklist.

The ECC Committee will be doing a walkthrough in the park the first week of June.

Please take care of any issues as soon as possible to avoid a violation letter and a possible fine.

Please make sure that your home has house numbers on it.

State Law says they must be at least 3 inches tall, a contrasting color of the home, and visible from the roadway.

You may want to also put them on your shed in case of a severe storm that can cause damage to your shed.

This is important so that they can be seen by Police, Fire and Ambulance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Don’t forget an ECC form when doing any additions or improvements to your units. Approved forms are good for 1 year. A copy of the ECC Guideline is available in PDF format. Also please display ECC form in front window while work in progress. If you need an ECC Application Form find link at the top of this section. Print it out, complete the form, then fax it or mail to Park. The address and fax number is at the bottom of page.

White Horse Park Critical Areas - Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The Critical Area includes all land within 1,000 feet of Maryland’s tidal waters and tidal wetlands. It also includes the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the Atlantic Coastal Bays, their tidal tributaries, and the lands underneath these tidal areas.

More information concerning Maryland's Natural Resources can be found at the Maryland DNR website

White Horse Park Critical Area Map (Click to view)


ECC Application (updated 3/18/2020)

ECC Guidelines(updated 3/18/2020)

ECC Checklist(updated 3/18/2020)

ECC Declarations (Click here)

County Permit Info. 

Other Permit Info.