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BOD MEETINGS held at Clubhouse 

  • July 24, 2021 at 10am 
  • Aug 28, 2021 at 10am
  • September 25, 2021 at 10am
  • October 23, 2021 at 10am

Pool Closing 8pm on 6/18/21.  Click for details.  Posted 6/18/21


Signed Court Order- posted 5/13/21

Update Regarding Settlement- posted 5/12/21

2021 BOD Nominations Deadline May 3, 2021 Reminder- posted 4/30/21

Proposed Amendment to Declaration Section 3.1 posted 3/12/21

2021-2022 Draft Budget

Handling Emails Posted 2/12/21

BOD/Annual Meeting Update/ Election Update Posted 2/12/21

BOD Update Posted 2/9/21

Settlement Conference Update 12/16/2020

Update after Hearing on 12/15/2020 between County, Park, and Full-Time Group


Litigation update posted 12/1/2020

Announcement regarding the Postponement of the  WHP Annual Meeting and Election 2020


Additional Settlement Conference information to clear up mis-information circulating in the Park and on social media 10/30/2020

Intro and WELCOME to Bergey & Co., P.A.- Posted 10/23/2020

Settlement Conference Update and Election Ballot explaination- Posted 10/23/2020

Electric Billing Update October 2020  ** See Financials Page for updated information posted 10/9/2020

Update regarding Notice to Owners/Residency- posted 9/16/2020

Letter to Melissa from WHP Attorney re: Annual Meeting and Election posted 9/16/2020

Hearing Update posted 8/25/2020 updated 8/26/2020 to include information about a Settlement Conference that wasn't initially documented.

Mediacom Vote Results posted 8/21/2020

Upcoming Hearing Information posted 8/19/2020

Security update 8/17/2020

Letter explaining Mediacom situation.  

Mediacom 3 year contract-(we are currently in this one)

Mediacom 5 year contract-(would start upon signing)


Mediacom Rate List 2020

Pool Hours/Rules updated 7/16/2020

Pool update 6/2/2020

based on Worcester County Pool Guidance 5/15/2020 POSTED 5/25/2020

Explanation : Clarification of Notice to Owners Posted 5/8/2020

Notice to Owners posted 5/8/2020 re: Residency updated 5/9/2020

Update on WHP OPENING posted 5/6/2020 Updated 5/20/2020

Letter from Melissa posted 5/1/2020

Bulletin Regarding 2020 Election posted 4/30/2020

Litigation Timeline 4/16/2020

WHP Closure in Compliance with Interpretive Guidance from the Governor 4/2/2020 updated 4/20/2020

Update on Boatyard Closure based on Interpretive Guidance from the Governor 4/1/2020

Interpretive Guidance from the Governor 3/30/2020

Payment Schedule 2020-2021

Information regarding legal representation of WHP 3/27/2020

WHP Visitation/Boater Protocol updated 3/27/2020


WHP FEES Draft updated 3/17/2020

Coronavirus Update 3/12/2020

Letter / Court Filing Exerpts from WHP Attorney Feburary 14, 2020

Guide to register for on-line payment with Farmers Bank of Williards posted 1/31/2020

Update- Change in WHP Walk-in hours effective 2/3/2020

Welcome New Park Manager Announcement posted January 28, 2020

Retirement Announcement posted January 25, 2020

Letter from WHP Attorney January 8, 2020

Welcome letter and Payment Information for Baker & Associates, LLC

Q&A December 2019

Press Release to go out the week of December 16, 2019

Residency Letter to Owners from BOD October 29, 2019

Welcome Baker & Associates October 23, 2019

Bulletin to Community October 11, 2019

NEW June 8, 2019 — Worcester County Slide Show »
This is the Worcester County Slide Show that was going to be shown at the June 6, 2019 zoning planning commission meeting. This refers to Campground Subdivisions - Occupancy ZS 1-318 (d) (1). It wasn't shown at that meeting and was deferred until the next zoning commission meeting. This information was received directly from the County to the BOD and is posted FYI.

NEW — Written Statement Issued at Worcester County Zoning Hearing by the WHP President 6-6-2019 »

NEW June 5, 2019 — Worcester County Minutes from the Previous Zoning Hearing (5-2-2019) Concerning Text Amendment ZS1-318 Modification of the Occupancy Provisions for Campground Subdivisions »

June 24, 2019 — BOD Response to an Email Received from Mr. Diffendal (Planning Commission Worcester County) Enquiring About the WHP BOD Position Concerning Full-Time Residents »

Worcester County Zoning and Planning Commission Dated 05-02-2019 Concerning Campground Subdivision Occupancy »

Letter from Worcester County to Hugh Cropper Concerning Text Amendment Dated 1/9/2019 »

Updated Information from County Concerning Year-Round Occupancy »

December 11 - Latest Letter from Worcester County Concerning Park Manager Residency »

November 12, 2018 - Latest Official Letter from Worcester County Regarding Full-Time Residency »

Response Letter to Worcester County from WHP November 15th, 2018 »

Audio from Commissioner's Meeting 7/21/2018 »
This file is 100 minutes long. Don't try to listen unless you have a fast internet connection! Thanks to Bill Warburton for recording this.

Letter from the President 7/5/2018 »

Letter from Worcester County Dated January 3, 2017, Concerning Full-Time Residency at WHP »

Worcester County Supplementary Districts and District Regulations Concerning Campgrounds »

Letter from WHP in response to Worcester County letter dated January 3, 2017 »